At the upcoming UITP in Stockholm, Sweden (June 9th till June 12th), e-Traction will present the best in class electric drivetrain to the public. With the audience from the UITP focusing on supporting and promoting sustainable urban mobility, and the ongoing need for electrification of inner-city transport, e-Traction offers a system with the highest efficiency driveline in the market.

Every day we see many different stages of electrification in the market, for products as well as for the supporting infrastructure. There are constantly new solutions that are being developed and initialised into the market, but bottom line, it is the total energy consumption which defines the actual needed energy. e-Traction’s in-house developed driveline system, titled TheMotion 2.0, gives customers the opportunity to minimize the use of energy for the propulsion of the bus as compared to less efficient systems, allowing more range, minimize battery size or having more more available energy for auxiliaries. The innovation to embed the inverters inside the wheel, offers a space utilisation of the driveline that is reduced to an absolute minimum. This will give customers a high flexibility in design and positioning of seating.

The audience is invited to visit e-Traction at booth A2061 and see the innovative driveline and speak to e-Traction representatives.
Electrification is the keyword at UITP and e-Traction has the best solution in place!

190529 foto UITP Banner met e Traction standnr