sustainable mobility

Today we are lucky to be more mobile than ever before. But we also need to face the downside of our mobility. Air pollution from vehicles impairs the quality of urban life and people’s health. Heavy use of fossil fuels depletes our natural resources. And emissions from conventional combustion engines contribute to climate change. As engineers, we are challenged and dedicated to find both environmentally and economically competitive alternatives. The future is now, as e-Traction has created superior, distinguished and patented powertrain technology for e-mobility. Our evolving technology enables manufacturers to produce extremely energy efficient vehicles with zero emissions, that offer reduced maintenance efforts to its owners and optimal total cost of ownership. The revolution in motion has begun!


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Vehicle conversion started for Elvägen-project Arlanda, Sweden


Recently a brand new DAF LF arrived at e-Traction in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. In the coming months this vehicle will be converted into an electric vehicle. After this conversion, the vehicle will be shipped to Sweden, where it will start daily... Read more

Münster (Germany) is gaining experience with full electric buses and fast charging on route 14


Since spring 2015 the city of Münster in Germany succesfully deploys 5 full electric buses. These buses are in daily schedule on bus route 14, a stretch of about 12 kilometers right through the city centre. Since the vehicles have been... Read more

e-Traction delivers powertrain technology & integration support for 5 Blue City Buses of ebe Europa…


e-Traction has received the order for the delivery of powertrain technology and integration support for 5 subsequent Blue City Bus vehicles for ebe Europa GmbH. The first 2 vehicles for ebe Europa GmbH have been entirely integrated and commissioned at e-Traction... Read more